Straighten hair without an iron

The desire to have obedient straight hair constantly pursues those who were lucky enough to be born with natural curly curls. It makes no sense to convince them in the opposite, it is better to talk about how to straighten hair without an electric iron.

Cosmetic rectifiers
Each self-respecting hair, a manufacturer of hair products necessarily produces smoothing shampoos, balms, masks, gels of foams and other drugs that can use without risk and any fears at home.

Artificially created and natural components do not change the structure of the hair, but smooth out scales, preventing “fluffiness”, weighing the strands and slightly tame naughty curls. For the maximum effect, it is recommended to take a hair dryer and brush in assistants. Unfortunately, in this way it is realistic to defeat only slight wave and only before the first washing, more pronounced “curly” will have to be tamed with other methods.

Folk methods of hair straightening
The problem of hair straightening cannot be called new. Our grandmothers, dreaming of a smooth square, used proven folk remedies. To defeat the curls, you can make a gelatin mask. To prepare it, a tablespoon of rapidly disconnected gelatin is dissolved in a glass of hot water, allowed to cool to a comfortable temperature and a few drops of olive oil are added. The resulting mixture is applied to clean hair, and after 20 minutes it is washed off with warm water.

Salon procedures
Permanent hair straightening is an alternative to a chemical curl, the hair retains acquired smoothness until it grows. In the process of the procedure, a special chemical composition is applied to the strands that can penetrate the hair rod and soften it. As a rule, in salons, guidoxide guanidine is used for this purpose - a substance that is sparingly acting on the condition of the hair. Cheaper preparations based on sodium hydroxide acts more aggressively and spoil the curls.

Cerating - safe straightening based on the use of keratin - protein, which is the main component of natural hair. The procedure favorably affects the condition of the strands and can be used to treat hair. The curls will last even at least 30 days, but no more than three months. However, chatting has a cumulative effect and, with regular repetition, the hairstyle will delight its owner for a long time.